Finding support for your dreams

Having support no matter your age, stage or ability is an important part in achieving your dreams.

I work for a learning disability charity that champions people reaching their full potential. I’ve seen first hand the amazing stories – children with Down’s syndrome speaking more than one language, playing the violin, training as a gymnast, working full time and learning to walk. Each of these are fantastic achievements for the individual and were achieved in part due to the support from their family, support workers and/or organisations. The parents have often told me that they wanted the same opportunities for their child with learning disabilities as their child without learning disabilities. They said that they didn’t place learning restrictions on their child. The result? The child’s achievements often surpassed the parents’ expectations. The key ingredients to this recipe of success are support, encouragement and persistence.

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Capturing a moment between a mature couple in London




At this point, are you thinking, “these are lovely stories but how do they affect me?” Bear with me! My point is that despite a person’s ability – we all need support and encouragement to continue down the often long, hard road that leads to realising our dreams. Just because you don’t have a physical or learning disability doesn’t mean you don’t need help to achieve your goals. Fear, negative thoughts, low self-esteem and low confidence can be disabilities and can keep you from having a high quality of life. If you let those quiet negative thoughts continue to build in you, you start to focus on your restrictions and it soon quiets that passion in you. Has that ever happened to you? Chances are it’s happened to us all at some point in our lives. But how do we try to reduce that in the future? We need support.

As humans we need human interaction on varying levels depending on the person. There have been many studies and academic journals written on the subject and its importance to a person’s happiness. Too often we can forget how good it feels to get something off of your chest, to share ideas, brainstorm and collaborate. Sharing and supporting each other not only can reduce your stress but it can lead to creativity and happiness. People can help you see things in a different light – they can help you see opportunities available where you only saw restrictions. They might add to that great idea or be able to introduce you to an important contact. So take a leap and ask for help or share your idea with a trusted friend or family member. After all, your loved ones want to see you happy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let go of the fear and jump in – opportunities await you. And once you take those opportunities, you can pay it forward and help someone else.

Who’s part of your support system and why?

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