Thankful for tatties – Scottish word of the week



Happy Thanksgiving America! In honour of a day to pause for reflection, celebrate loved ones and to enjoy food, the word of the week is something most Americans will have on their plate today.

The Scottish word “tattie(s)” is a food staple in many countries in the western world. It’s often used served with another food “neeps” (a future word of the week) as part of a roast dinner. Any guesses as to what a “tattie” is?



It’s a potato! During the cold weather in Scotland (which sometimes feels like forever – from November to April depending on where in Scotland you live), these little roasty, toasty and filling tatties can warm you up faster than you can say…well you know what I mean! You can have roasted tatties, a jacket potato, chips, crisps…the list goes on and so do the differing words. Chips and brown sauce are a particular Edinburgh late night specialty. Brown sauce is often a mixture of a steak sauce such as HP sauce mixed with vinegar to give a nice tart flavour and definitely worth a try if you’re experiencing a late night in Scotland’s capital.

What type of tatties will you be having this Thanksgiving? I’ll be attending a Friendsgiving feast later this evening and will be sure to have a portion of mashed tatties. Wishing all of you in the states as well as all the American expats a Happy Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Thankful for tatties – Scottish word of the week

  1. We had mashed tatties, covered with turkey gravy this year. I am happy to see the tradition of the Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie, lives on! (scrumptious!)

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