Smile at the moon

My mom recently told me a story about my great-grandmother (known to my family as “Grandmother”). I was only four when she passed away but I remember a very gracious and happy woman. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to truly know her, but the more stories I hear from my mom, the more I know I would have met a soulmate in her. She lived life full of passion and she was constantly learning. She took adult education classes well into her seventies. Afterall, you’re never too old to grow, develop and improve your skills and character.

happy moment between my great grandad and grandmother

But the story that made me fall in love with my great-grandmother is a simple one. My mom told me of evening spent at her grandparents when she was young. Extended family had gathered for a lazy summer day and had stayed on past sunset. My great-grandmother clapped her hands together and excitedly announced to everyone that there would be a full moon that night. My great-grandmother’s excitement was contagious and she wasn’t the only one watching the full moon that night.

So what’s the point of the story? It’s simplicity. Appreciating the simple things in life. Often the daily struggles in life can sometimes seem suffocating – your mind focusing only on the issues at hand. This can overwhelm your mind, not allowing you to think of anything else.

Too often we let those small little things go by unappreciated as we worry about the “more important” things. When you ignore the simple things in life – you lose out on a bit of life’s magic. Twilight in summer, a cup of tea and a good book, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feeling of sunshine warming the skin, a room full of loved ones – these are some of the simple things that make me smile and make me feel lucky that I’m alive. They remind me of life’s potential, of how lucky I am to get to experience it and how lucky I am to share it with those I love. These little things allow me to take a break from focusing on future goals and appreciate all the beauty in the present. Afterall, what good is it to work towards those dreams constantly looking towards the future and not appreciating the strides you make each day to realise the dreams?

So when life is handing you lemons – take a break and try to replicate one of your simple moments. Make time – it’s important for you to claim a bit of happiness. You owe it to yourself and when you come back to tackling that big issue – you’ll be viewing it with a fresh perspective.

I, for one, can’t wait to smile at the next full moon. I hope you’re doing the same thing wherever you are Grandmother x


3 thoughts on “Smile at the moon

  1. This was a great read Heather. Don’t remember that photo it is great! I do remember Grandma Cora listening in on that phone to others talking on the party line. Also making a few calls on it.

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