good things jar

With the holidays over, real life can seem like it comes crashing back into your life with all the errands to run and places to be. It can sometimes seem overwhelming. You may even have some not-so-good experiences that you’re currently going through. During those times it’s hard to focus on the positives in your life. But sometimes it just takes something small to remind you of the good in your life.

A Good Things Jar is a quick and easy way to remember all the positive things in your life. Find a jar that you’re not using around the house. You can even decorate it or paint it to make it more eyecatching. Put it somewhere where you’ll easily remember it. For me, I’ve placed mine at the shelf in the hallway. It’s the first thing I see when I walk in my flat. Place a notepad and pen next to the jar. This makes it easier for you to use the jar throughout the year.good things jar

Whenever a really happy or memorable thing happens in 2014, write it down and place it in the jar. If you’re person who like to print photos, why not include photos in your jar? Sometimes a picture can explain a moment better. Then on New Years Day 2015, when you’re slightly disappointed that the festivities are over and maybe nursing a hangover (take ibuprofen first!), open your Good Things Jar and reflect on all the great things that happened to you in 2014!

Remember, like everything in life – we must work to be happy. By spending a couple of minutes every so often to store thoughts in your Good Things Jar, you’re investing in your happiness as you reflect on those moments you’re so grateful for. So invest in your happiness even if it’s for a few minutes.

What are some of your memorable things that have happened to you so far in 2014? Last week, I enjoyed a week off from work where I was able to read more (currently reading The Interestings), clean and organise my flat, plan a week’s worth of healthy meals, catch up with friends and sew. I’m very grateful for my relaxing ease into the new year. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be an amazing year! Wishing you all the best for 2014 x


16 thoughts on “good things jar

  1. It’s taken me until today to start my jar and the first thing going in is Jack’s offer of taking me on a date to see the Lego movie for valentines day x

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