origami lily fairy lights

January can be a lonnng month. Sometimes it just feels darker, greyer and duller as you trudge to and from work in the dark. All the decorations and lights of the holidays are stored away as the new year begins, so even December’s sparkle is hidden. But just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a bit of something bright and shiny to tide us over until spring!

Photo by Alex Bazlinton

To introduce a bit of light and bright in my flat (as well as to banish any signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder), I decided to create origami lily fairy lights! So grab those LED clear Christmas lights out of storage (I’m using a string of 40 LED lights) and an old book that you’ll never use and create your own set of origami lily fairy lights!

I learned how to make origami lilies at a Christmas craft workshop in 2012. It was taught by a fab artist at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts. If you’re in Edinburgh, do check them out as they have great art workshops.

Now let’s get started on creating those lilies! If you have origami paper you can use that, but for this project I prefer to use a thicker paper to create a more stable lily. Instead of origami paper, I used pages of an old book. The plain paper gives off a nice warm glow from the LED lights.

Measure a piece of cardboard or thicker card paper with the following dimensions: 6 inches by 6 inches or 15 cm by 15 cm. This will be your origami paper stencil. Cut out as many origami sheets as you’d like.  I also recommend cutting out a few sheets of normal printing paper to use as your practice sheets before you move onto your origami sheets.

Now you’re ready to begin! Click on the slideshow below to view the steps. You can pause any time by hovering over the photo and clicking the pause button.

When creating each fold, I recommend making sure you press the paper with your fingers to set a clean, solid fold. This will make each step easier!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used these clear hair ties from Superdrug to secure each lily on the light. Goody also makes them and sells them at Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

You should now have your own string of origami lily fairy lights!

Photo by Alex Bazlinton

Where will you be putting your lights? I’m adding mine to my bedroom. They will be a perfect accompaniment to a good book and cup of tea. I hope they bring you a bit of brightness during the long winter months. Would love to see your finished fairy lights! Email me at yankeedoodlesblog@gmail.com or comment below to share your fab finished results x


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