January Doodles

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I hope the first month of 2014 has treated you well. This month’s been extremely busy for me and I’ve been trying to maintain my 4 simple goals. Shh… don’t tell my trainer but I slipped on my goal to eat more fruits and veg last week – many carbs and sugars were simply inhaled without a passing thought – oops!

One of my many sugary slips last week - a delicious slice of Cadbury Egg Cheesecake at the Original Edinburgh Cheesecake Company in Corstorphine.
One of my many sugary slips last week – a delicious slice of Cadbury Egg Cheesecake at the Original Edinburgh Cheesecake Company in Corstorphine. They have cheesecakes named after different areas of Edinburgh.
a chair, towel and optional resistance band is all you need to join in Sleek Technique's classes
Achieving one of my four simple goals with ballet fitness! A chair, towel and optional resistance band is all you need to join in Sleek Technique‘s classes.

Although my first training session at the gym on Monday made me realise that I can’t fool the tape measure. So this week it’s back to eating a plant-based diet to feel lighter, leaner and more alert. This means striving for a vegan diet in addition to decreasing the amount of wheat and refined sugar in my diet. I want more energy and the best way to do that is to increase the amount of quality food that I’m eating! Wish me luck! It’s all about progress and not perfection. I’ll also be pairing my healthy eating with Sleek Technique’s ballet fitness classes in my lounge! I recommend the Saturday morning Full Ballet Bootcamp. Your legs will thank you.

Nothing beats a cup of tea and a good book on a lazy Sunday
Nothing beats a cup of tea and a good book on a lazy Sunday

Another simple goal of mine was to read more. After much thought, I decided to get a Kindle because I wanted to condense the amount of books that have collected in my flat and I wanted to be able to travel with the perks of a library without the weight. I’ve previously avoided e-readers because I’m partial to the comfort of holding an actual book, taking a break to look at the cover design and smelling the book. No? Just me? Since purchasing my Kindle, I’ve almost read more in the last month than I did over the course of last year. I just finished The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, which was a compelling book that discussed classism, creativity, lifelong friendships and the importance of creating a life you love. I found the characters frustrating at many stages throughout the story but there were so many layers to the story that it left me thinking about the characters and the themes even after I finished. I would definitely recommend it.

I’ve joined the A Beautiful Mess book club and will be reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green throughout February, which is currently being made into a movie (see clip above). It’s the story of two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group and it discusses life, death and love. I’ve stocked up on the tissues just in case. The Beautiful Mess book club is helping me stay on track with my goal to read more this year. Interested in the club too? Why don’t you join me? Just read the chosen book every month and join in on the online discussion which is posted on their blog!

Display of the Edinburgh Art Shop
Display of the Edinburgh Art Shop

The Art Shop's window display at night. Love the layers and colours

Another simple goal of mine is to sew more. My friend Michelle and I share a love of DIY crafts projects and sewing. On a recent art supplies and fabric trip around Edinburgh, we visited the Edinburgh Art Shop in Tollcross. It had a beautiful display – complete with origami – that was inspiring. I loved all the colours and layers. If you fancy learning how to make origami lilies view my previous post. In the meantime, keep your eyes posted for a sewing tutorial post in February.

bubble tea

After our craft trip, we headed to a new bubble tea shop. My love of bubble tea started five years ago when Michelle and I were university flatmates. Michelle had developed an obsession for bubble tea before she moved from Hong Kong to Edinburgh. In our uni flat, she used to buy the tapioca pearls to make her own homemade bubble tea. Thanks to Michelle, I have a slight obsession with bubble tea as well.

Bubble tea shops have finally come to Edinburgh so you can understand that we were a bit excited. Bubble tea is made with chewy tapioca pearls that are boiled for 15 minutes in sugar water. You add it to the bottom of your flavoured drink (i.e. hot chocolate) and sip it through a large straw. We went to Lian Pu by Edinburgh University and I had the hazelnut bubble tea. It took them awhile to get the right level of sweetness for the drink but once that was sorted – it was lovely. Although I might be biased towards Michelle’s homemade bubble tea with hot chocolate.

medusa lemons photo

How are your simple goals coming along? Which ones have you continued? Which ones have you stopped and which ones have yet to be started? Have you started your Good Things Jar? I have some nice memories stored in mine. My goal for February is to keep practicing my simple goals! Here’s to a short, but sweet February x


4 thoughts on “January Doodles

  1. Love your blog heather! And will certainly be trying both book recommendations. Very sad at the kindle though!!! 😔😔😔 but interested that u have read more. Just started The Goldfinch having just finished Secret History. Amazing books. Keep writing I love it may have to visit Edinburgh just for the cheesecake!!

    1. Thanks Anne! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Yes – I’ve gone to the dark side with a Kindle. I won’t stop buying a hard copy of my favourite books – don’t want them to go extinct! What’s Secret History about? I’ve seen that Goldfinch has been on the top of the lists recently – will add it to my reading list. Hope you’re well and continuing to write your book! Can’t wait to hear all about it xx Ps – you must come to Edinburgh (you can pick up a slice or two of the cheesecake coming in from the airport!)

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