free ballet bootcamp class

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! (I can say that and it’s not awkward right? Ok good.) I hope you have great things planned this weekend but why not schedule in a quick thing just for you. It’s only 45 minutes and tutus are optional but you’ll come out of this free ballet fitness workout feeling like a toned dancer – albeit a sweaty one – just in time for that Valentine’s date.

Photo credit: @SleekTechnique
Photo credit: @SleekTechnique
Photo credit: @SleekTechnique
Photo credit: @SleekTechnique

The British boutique workout clothing shop Sweaty Betty paired up with my favourite new workout obsession Sleek Technique for free ballet fitness classes in Sweaty Betty shops. London and New York girls (and boys!) listen up – that means you get to access these free classes throughout February in your cities!


For those of us not lucky enough to attend a free ballet bootcamp class – you don’t have to miss out! You can complete the whole 45 minute, full body workout in the comfort of your own home by completing Sleek Technique and Sweaty Betty’s online free ballet bootcamp class. All you need is a towel or yoga mat, comfortable clothes and a glass of water. You can even listen to their upbeat dance mix while completing the free workout. Although, I’d recommend completing your first workout without the music so that you can fully listen to all the instructions. It’s not hard to follow and you don’t need a dance background but it helps to not have any distractions for your first Ballet Bootcamp class.

victoria and flik

The co-founders of Sleek Technique, Flik Swan and Victoria Marr are former professional ballet dancers (West End dancer and first soloist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet respectively) who created Sleek Technique, which provides ballet fitness and conditioning classes to people through online and live video conferencing classes. So it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – you can enjoy quality ballet fitness classes in the comfort of your own home (perfect for winter weather). On Thursday, I took a live class and one of the women attending the class was a new mum from Seattle. She wanted to work on her fitness at home while her son was sleeping. It goes to show how convenient, not to mention, fun Sleek Technique classes are!

So get sweaty and plié like you mean it this Valentine’s weekend and start building those toned dancer bodies. Your body will thank you for it.

Will you be trying the workout? If so, which body part felt it the most? My quads and abs definitely felt it! Enjoy x


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