February Doodles

I’m always amazed at how fast February flies by. At the start of the month, it seemed that spring was nowhere in sight and by the end of the month, spring flowers are popping up in preparation for March. Spring is finally near!

Chinese Lanterns
These Chinese terracotta warrior lanterns were created by Chinese artist Xia Nan for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. The exhibition ran for a week during and after Chinese New Year (January 31 2014) at Edinburgh University’s Old College courtyard. This is the first time that they visited Scotland.

chinese lanterns 2

Whether it comes in like a lion or lamb, I don’t care, as long as spring comes! The days are already getting longer. Edinburgh is further north than you might think in the northern hemisphere (it shares the same latitude as Moscow and Copenhagen) so the days are extremely short and long during the shortest and longest days of the year (in the dead of winter, daylight can end around 3:30 pm and begin around 7/8 am whereas in summer it can end around 11 pm and start around 3:30/4 am). I’ve missed the warmth of the sun and I can’t wait to see Edinburgh come out of its hibernation. It’s truly glorious when the sun comes out.

night at the museum

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying some fun indoor activities including attending National Museums Scotland’s Late Night: Night of the Mammoths. Every two to three months, National Museums Scotland holds a themed late night that coincides with their featured exhibition. February’s late night featured mammoths and included: live music, themed face painting, a flash mob, silent disco, entrance into the featured mammoth exhibition and more.

national muesum late night feb 2014

The National Museums Scotland is a gorgeous venue. You enter into the light and airy Victorian atrium and you can spend hours in each of its sections. If you plan to visit Edinburgh, I’d certainly recommend spending some time at the National Museums Scotland. Check their website to see when the next Museum Late night – it’s definitely a great night and who doesn’t want to be at a museum after hours? Buy your tickets ASAP though as tickets sell out fast.

star gazing

ash and i at constellations section of museum

I’ve spent the rest of February trying to eat healthily (click here for a tasty and healthy lunch/dinner option), I wrote an article featured on Huffington Post UK, visited Glasgow and I took ballet bootcamp classes in the comfort of my own flat with the fab ladies at Sleek Technique.

ash and i at museumTime to roll on to March with budding trees and flowers. I have a fun DIY project that that will be a featured post later in March. This project will be perfect for all skill levels and will be a chic and comfortable addition to your spring and summer wardrobe! I also have a fantastic guest blog post coming up featuring some amazing artists so keep visiting. Thank you for reading and I wish you a great start to spring! What are your spring plans? x


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