Geeking out in Festival City

I’m embracing my inner geek in this post – I’m talking iPad and a science festival. It has been waaaaay too long since I’ve blogged due to the death of my laptop. I went through the proper mourning period and now I have moved on with two new toys – an iPad Air and a wireless keyboard.

iPad Air & wireless keyboard

I looked at Macbooks and couldn’t justify paying what could be a return flight home to the States for a computer. For me, the iPad Air allows me to do everything I need a computer to do without compromising on quality and it only adds a pound (.45 kilos) to my carry-on luggage. It’s also a great excuse to multitask. It provides music while I cook and clean anywhere in my flat and I can access Microsoft Office, social media, email, the web, edit photos and FaceTime with my adorable three year old niece = me sold.  (This is not an endorsed post – I just really really like my iPad!)

edinburgh science fest

Okay, this now ends my ode to my new tablet. I still need to catch you up on last month. I attended the Edinburgh Science Festival‘s Launch Party at the City Art Centre. The Edinburgh Science Festival issued in this year’s festivals in Edinburgh. There’s a reason why Edinburgh is known as Festival City in the UK/Europe. From April to December it has a Book Festival, Jazz Festival, International Film Festival, Science Festival, Fringe Festival, International Festival, Politics Festival and a Christmas/New Year’s Eve Festival. There are also more festivals that pop up every year and I’m pretty sure I haven’t remembered all of Edinburgh’s festivals in my list above.

experimenting with polymer plastic

polymer plastic rulers

The Edinburgh Science Festival ran from 5th to 20th April this year. This festival is fun for children as well as adults. It provides interactive events/lectures on how science influences creativity, fashion, food and more.

So I put on my figurative glasses, invited my amazing friend Feraz who has a bit of inner geek behind his chic exterior (think Matt Smith as Doctor Who) and purchased a ticket for the Edinburgh Science Festival Launch Party. We didn’t know what to expect but we were actually blown away with the event. There were five floors with so many interactive stalls that we didn’t make it to every one of them in the three and a half hours that we were there. You could also purchase wine and beer on every floor and bring it to nearly every stall – a huge plus.

photographs from bits and bobs


We made polymer plastic rulers, had bubbles with dry ice placed in our hands, watched a 3D printer make a plastic bracelet, made our own photographs out of bits and bobs, observed an interactive model that showcased how a person with various hearing issues hear sounds with and without hearing aids and much more.

Feraz blowing bubbles

If you’re in Edinburgh next April make sure you check out the Edinburgh Science Festival and buy your ticket for the launch party. If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh this year, I’d recommend coming up between June and August when the various summer festivals are here. It’s a great atmosphere – especially if the sun is out!

What do you have planned for the summer? Whatever it is I hope it’s wonderful. I’ll be back soon with blog posts on north Cornwall, the Hidden Doors Festival, a feature on two amazing artists and what it’s like to walk on fire. Stay tuned xx


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