DIY chevron doorway with washi tape

This past weekend the weather in Edinburgh went from warm and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of hours. I decided to take advantage of the rainy weather and do a quick and easy DIY home decor project with washi tape.washi tape

Washi tape is pretty amazing. It’s a high quality masking tape that’s made out of rice paper. It has a semi-translucent quality to it so the colour of a single strip will be slightly muted from the colour of the roll. It’s so versatile and can be used to scrapbook and decorate presents or even your home. What’s even better is you can peel it off the paper/wall/window etc. and reuse it elsewhere without leaving adhesive marks.

easy to remove washi tape

Decorative tape that doesn’t leave marks? I had to test it on my flat. I’ve lived in my current flat for over three years. In the UK, it’s common to rent flats that are already furnished with beds, sofas, tables etc. (Back home in the states, most flats come unfurnished so you often start with hand-me-down and IKEA furniture before you can invest in higher quality pieces.) Furnished flats are a huge plus; however, it does mean that your flat is at the discretional taste of the landlord and the landlord has more of a need to protect the quality of their items. Thankfully my flat is mostly light, bright and white – except for some ugly bright blue sofa covers I’d like to throw in the rubbish bin but that’s another story… But I’m not allowed to paint or hang anything on the walls, which limits me making my flat my own. When I found out about washi tape and it’s non-adhesiveness, I made a few purchases on Amazon.

door frame before DIY

Over the years, I’ve introduced green and purple hues in my bathroom to add some warmth to the overwhelming whiteness. When I found this mint green and gold washi tape, I thought it would be perfect to frame the bathroom door. I chose to create chevron stripes to complement the geometric patterns of my bathroom towels.

washi tape door

I freehanded the designs. I didn’t measure the exact distance between each chevron nor did I measure the exact length of each strip of washi tape. You can if you want – I just wanted this to be a quick and easy DIY project and I quite like the beauty of imperfection.

I made the chevrons point to the ceiling to lengthen the frame. I continued using the chevron stripes on the top frame – three chevrons point right and three chevrons point left with the middle two pointing at each other (see above photo for visual).

I didn’t even use half of each roll to complete this project. Because the green washi was more transparent than the gold washi, you’ll spot a noticeable opacity where the tape strips intersect. I chose to keep this effect. You can try to lessen this effect by layering more strips on the design; however, the thickness of the design will be more noticeable.

This project took me about 1.5 hours to do so this is a great project to do if you’re looking for instant results!

door frame with washi tape

The great thing about this DIY is:

  1. Washi tape is cheap.
  2. There are so many different tape widths, colours & designs.
  3. You can create a striped, polka dot, stars theme.
  4.  This would be great for a baby/child’s room. As soon as they grow older – the design/colour can grow with them and they can even have a hand in helping!

Have you used washi tape before? If so, what did you create? Will you be using washi tape for a home decor DIY project soon? I really enjoyed this project. I hope you do too! Would love to see some photos of your washi projects. x


6 thoughts on “DIY chevron doorway with washi tape

    1. Hi Christine – thank you for the kind words about my blog. So happy you’ve enjoyed reading it! How long have you been living in Perth and where in the states are you from? Been to Perth a few times – it’s lovely.

      I got the washi tape from Amazon. It was really cheap – only a couple of quid for each roll. Here are the links for the exact ones I purchased and I only used about 1/3-1/2 of the gold and green rolls for the door frame project.

      Are you thinking about a particular project for the washi tape?

    1. Hello! What an exciting opportunity! Let me know if you have any questions and if you do make the leap get in touch! Happy to meet up for coffee if you make the leap to Edi! Love your blog by the way

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