Can cupcakes predict whether Scotland votes for independence?

Scotland faces a massive decision that it has never faced before.

On the 18th September 2014, all United Kingdom, European Union and Commonwealth nationales (aged 16+) living in Scotland will vote whether Scotland should be its own country and break away from the United Kingdom (which includes: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

imageScotland and England have been under one government for over 300 years – longer than the United States has been independent from England. There’s a lot of history that affects
everyone living in the UK and all aspects of life from economics and foreign policy to currency and passports.

This is the first time Scotland will hold a public vote on independence. Pursuits for independence have historically resulted in wars being fought between nations. And while Scotland has fought for freedom in the past, the Scotland of today, renowned for its inventors, thinkers and artists, will be answering the question of independence through democracy.

Talk of Scottish independence has dominated British and Scottish media for the last few months. An Edinburgh bakery has even started its own informal independence polling – through cupcakes!


The award-winning Cuckoo’s Bakery is an amazing bakery (and no, I’m not getting paid to say that). They have their classic best sellers and almost every day they create a cupcake of the day – from Oreo sponge with salted caramel Thanksgiving cupcakes to 4th of July s’mores cupcakes. As an American living abroad, American desserts are hard to come by so having s’mores and red velvet cupcakes is a treat! PS – My stomach just grumbled (and they’re LOUD grumbles) while describing these delicious, rich cakes…


This March, one of the bakery’s owners wanted to get people involved in the upcoming vote so they created Scottish independence (yes vote), staying part of the UK (no vote) and undecided cupcakes made with their raspberry and white chocolate cupcake.


Every fortnight (every two weeks for all non-Brits) they publish a cupcake poll that shows the percentage of yes, no and undecided purchases that were made. Their friendly waitress told me that some people take it very seriously – asking if their vote is winning. Others will buy 10 yes or no cupcakes at a time. Alistair Darling, Chair of the Better Together campaign (no to independence) and well-known Westminster politician, even paid a visit to purchase several no cupcakes.


The most recent poll was held on Friday 29 August and it has the no vote in a slight lead above the yes voters. However, Cuckoo’s Bakery said that the no votes have always been miles ahead of the yes votes until the last couple of weeks. Their polls are posted on the shop window and on their Facebook page.

So keep your eyes peeled for Scottish referendum news on the 18th September. Who knows what we’ll wake up to on the 19th September!

What are your thoughts on Scottish independence? Do you think Scotland should become independent or stay part of the UK?

I’ll be posting yes, no and undecided views from my friends over the weeks leading up to the election. Stay tuned tomorrow for my friend Scott’s post on why he’s voting no. x


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