Scottish & British views on independence. Part 1: Better together view

You may have already heard that Scotland is facing a huge decision that will massively shape its future. On the 18th September, all UK, European Union and Commonwealth nationals living in Scotland (aged 16+) will vote on whether Scotland should be an independent country and break away from the United Kingdom (which also includes: England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

While I’m not eligible to vote as an American living in Scotland, I have many Scottish, British, European and Commonwealth friends who will be voting. The upcoming independence vote is a huge topic of conversation at the moment in Scotland. To get a flavour of what people are thinking beyond the reported political polls, debates and ads, I thought it only fair to share three viewpoints (for independence, for staying together or undecided) of my Scottish and British friends who will be voting this month. During the next three weeks I’ll be sharing a view from each stance (yes, no and undecided). This week my friend Scott McGlashan is sharing his vote with us.


Meet Scott McGlashan from Edinburgh

“As a born and bred Scottish person, I am extremely proud of my roots and extremely grateful to stay in such a beautiful country. However, I am also incredibly proud to be British and to be part of the United Kingdom.

When the question on independence first came to fruition, the slight mention of it provoked an uneasy feeling in me which was quite surprising as these kind of issues would not normally stir any of my emotions. I have never been political; however, I didn’t want my opinion or vote to be an uninformed decision so over the past few months I have followed the debates, discussions and read all the information just like the rest of the country.

The ‘yes’ campaign has certainly been more vocal and  open. But just because the advertisement is good doesn’t mean the end product will be good. I feel this referendum has caused people to think that just because you are voting ‘no’ that you are somehow less confident in your country. I do believe that Scotland is an amazing country with many benefits and advantages but I still believe the strength of our country has been facilitated by being part of the union and that together we make more of an impact in the world than being on our own.

Over the past weeks, I have got so entangled with regards to what each campaign is saying against the other that it has brought out negative emotions and so I no longer wish to follow the whole media frenzy that goes along with the process.

At the end of the day for most people their votes have already been made in their hearts and minds and we should respect each other’s decision whether we disagree or not. Scots usually stick together through the good and the bad; however, I feel that this needless quest for independence has caused friction and negativity among us which has upset me greatly. I just hope whatever happens is the right decision to make our country flourish even more.


I vote ‘no’ as I believe working together as a whole country brings out the best of Scotland without the need for upsetting the whole of the system and causing an unnecessary upset in the everyday lives of the Scottish people. The United Kingdom provides security, diversity and a feeling of togetherness and I would hate to lose that.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Scott? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for my friend Brenda’s post on why she will vote yes. Until then x


6 thoughts on “Scottish & British views on independence. Part 1: Better together view

  1. I totally agree with Scott, Scotland could do well on its own but we are more secure and stable as part of a bigger country. I was born and brought up in Scotland but gave also lived and worked in England.
    For a lot of the Yes voters I feel it is an easy tick in a box to show their displeasure with Westminster. For many No voters however, the outcome will have a huge effect on their future. My Husband is in the RAF and based in Scotland. In the event of Yes winning we will have to uproot our family as the Brittish Armed Forces based in Scotland will be moved back South. Two of my three children were born in England and very much see themselves as both British and Scottish. I hope that isn’t taken away from them!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts Helen! I couldn’t imagine being forced to uproot your and your family’s life. Your story shows how this vote is such an important one. Hope all goes well for you and your family. It’s hard to know which way Scotland will vote!

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