Operation Eff You January Blues!

Last January I started a Good Things Jar. This was to acknowledge the lovely, sweet moments in the year that tend to be overshadowed by the overwhelming moments.

The third Monday in January, which happens to be today, is considered the most depressing day of the year in the UK. It’s called Blue Monday and most UK media regurgitate stories on how depressed we should all be. This is supposed to based on the following factors: the bitter cold, dark days, time since Christmas, debt levels, time since failing any New Year’s resolutions and low motivational levels.


But why does today (or any day for that matter) have to be depressing? The day will be what you make of it and I’ve decided to make sure that this “depressing” day is a postive one – after all it’s my good friend’s birthday and that in itself is wonderful. So for today’s Operation Eff You Blues, I put on some upbeat music (currently loving Maroon 5’s Sugar and their adorable music video), took my daily Vitamin D and B12 vitamins, lit a wonderful candle (Anthropologie’s Vanilla and Fig scent is my current jam), opened up my 2014 Good Things Jar and reflected on the lovely moments in 2014.image

Last year was certainly a trying year for me and my loved ones. However, there were many beautiful moments scattered throughout the year: the birth of my first nephew (2), getting a new job (4), spending quality time with my loved ones (5), surprising family during a Christmas visit, relaxing in Cornwall with B and his wonderful family (3), helping my friend choose the right engagement ring for one of my best friends, travelling Europe with another dear best friend (1), exploring Kenya (6) and knowing I have amazing, supportive friends and family.


When life gets hard and everywhere seems empty and dark, it’s important to remember the happiness, laughter, joy and relaxation with those who always support you. Whether the moments are small or grand – treasure them because they will be your flashlight in the dark and will guide you to your next opportunity.

What are your favourite 2014 moments? Will you be starting your 2015 Good Things Jar to remember this year’s beautiful moments? If so, check this post for ideas to get started. They can be written on torn sheets of paper, back of receipts, be handwritten notes/cards or photos. Whatever makes you smile and appreciative of your life, drop them in your jar throughout the year. When you need a boost, read through your thoughts collecting in the jar. Wherever you are, I wish you a very happy, healthy, content and adventurous 2015! xx


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