So I’m gonna write a blog post…

A hello and introduction from Elizaveta

My dear friend and fellow girl hustler, Heather, once upon a time asked me to write a piece for her amazing Yankee Doodles blog about my crazy perfume theories (more on that in another post). But for now, let me paint you a story of how that time went down.

It’s a Friday winter’s night in Edinburgh and we’re sitting in a pub on Leith Walk, drinking bottles of their house red wine. We weren’t just in any pub but the pub that was originally made famous by the 1996 British film, Trainspotting. Rather, it was the current pub that was at those premises and not the actual original pub, but that’s the thing about Edinburgh – there is just so much history around the place.

So we were somewhere into our second-bottle-of-wine-for-dinner-after-yoga session when we got onto the topics of true Friday night relevance and that is – boys and beauty. It’s somewhere around then that Heather said to me, “Haha! That’s so true! Liz, you should write about this for my blog!” At the time, I managed to express my sheer delight at the proposal, through my very annoying hiccoughs and we toasted our genius plan. I woke up in the morning with a slight headache and very fond memories of a night, when my gal pal and I made plans to take over the world.

That was ten months ago.


To fast forward to the current moment, I was literally over the moon (and mysteriously started hiccoughing) when I read the email from Heather asking me to actually start writing!

I am in living in Melbourne now, but still madly theorising about life in my active wear over a bottle of vino. Now it makes sense to me to introduce my self to you fabulous readers before I get cracking on writing up some the more topical posts.

My name is Elizaveta and I’m an alcoholic. No! Not really! But I always make that joke when I’m in those awkward ‘get to know you’ group sessions and it seems to get a laugh. In all seriousness, I’m pretty funny.

I am an artist, a studio manager, a girlfriend, a mother to a fur-son, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a pescetarian, a dual passport holder, a failed jogger, a helper, a laugher, a traveller, a talker and a listener.

When I think of myself writing this, I naturally picture me as Carrie Bradshaw and simultaneously get sidetracked on this IG account. In reality, I’m frantically writing this on my lunch hour (over a bowl of salad and in between meetings) as after work I’m going to a barre class, then to the hardware store, then working on a piece of artwork and sponsorship for an upcoming exhibition in Edinburgh.

Finally, because I’m a modern woman and I’m hustling – see the above photo.

Elizaveta will be back with another post very soon. She’s joined Yankee Doodles as our expat voice from Melbourne. You’ll be able to follow her tales from Melbourne, Russia, Edinburgh and everywhere in between right here. And they will be hilarious, frank with perhaps a drip of sarcasm and 100% modern expat woman realness. 


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