Yankee Doodles is a blogging compilation among Heather Irish and her expat, wanderlust friends Elizaveta and HB. Yankee Doodles is an expat blog by expats and for expats and travellers.

They say that moving is the 3rd stressful live event for people under death and divorce. And if you’ve travelled or lived abroad (maybe even across country!), you know that mix of excitement and overwhelming opportunities and risks well. But you’re not alone – we’ve felt those feelings too and we’re happy to share our experiences – the funny, awkward, joyful, horrible and beautiful moments with you.

Life can be so much better when we support each other through this life – and behind every strong individual is a team. Although often we’re taught to “be strong” and keep our experiences/feelings to ourselves, we often forget that by sharing our experiences – we can learn from, feel comforted and inspired by others. We hope this blog, in a small way, does this for you.

Yankee Doodle writers

We’re three women joined together through our wanderlust and random chance of meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland at certain points over the last 8 years. We’re now spread over three countries: America, Australia and the UK – and are sharing our restless travel and expat stories.


imageMy name is HB and I’m an east coast girl who used to live in Edinburgh and loves travelling the world. I adore winter, gardening, earl grey tea, honeybees, songbirds, trinkets, my corgi Ginger and adopted street cats Sherlock and Watson. You’ll most likely find me in a bookstore OR wearing my sunglasses in the sun, shade and above all – at night. *wink* Through some ironic turn of fate, I now live in sunny Texas and am learning how to carry on in the American Southwest.




imageMy name is Elizaveta and I’m an alcoholic. No! Not really! But I always make that joke when I’m in those awkward ‘get to know you’ group sessions and it seems to get a laugh. In all seriousness, I’m pretty funny.

I am an artist, a studio manager, a girlfriend, a mother to a fur-son, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a pescetarian, a dual passport holder, a failed jogger, a helper, a laugher, a traveller, a talker and a listener.

I was born in Russia, currently live in Melbourne and dream of returning to Edinburgh.



imageI’m Heather Irish, a Midwestern girl who after conquering the countryside of Ohio, craved something a little more adventurous than playing Jane of the Jungle while swinging from grapevines over ravines. Through lots of hard work, some luck and an amazing support system, I’ve made Edinburgh, Scotland my base for eight years and have taken advantage of the UK’s lenient minimum 28 days of vacation a year to explore the world. I love the sun, beach, yoga, barre, exploring, trying new things and I have some scars to prove it. I miss family and friends scattered all around the globe but has become a Facetime, group iMessage and What’s App pro.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    My name is Eva and I am a Journalism student from Ghent, Belgium. I will be staying in Edinburgh from the 1st until the 7th of June as part of a school assignment and one of my tasks is to make a portrait of someone who lives in the capital.

    I am looking for someone interesting to interview on the 3rd of June (in Edinburgh) and I would really like to interview you. Would you be willing to give an interview on the 3rd of June? It wouldn’t take long (max half an hour) and it won’t be published anywhere.

    I would love to know more about your experiences as an expat in Edinburgh and about the differences between Scotland and America.

    I realise that my question comes out of the blue, but I really hope that you consider it.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Eva Nowe

    1. Hi Eva – Thanks for visiting and reading Yankees Doodles (I’ll be refreshing the page with plenty of photos and stories this weekend)! I’d be very happy to meet up to speak with you on the 3rd June. We could meet for a coffee/tea and if it’s nice outside we can pop down to Princes Street Gardens. Have you been to Edinburgh before or is this your first time? Feel free to email me on yankeedoodlesblog@gmail.com and we can arrange to meet. Look forward to meeting you.
      Heather x

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