Big data and expanding into the mobile market – Skyscanner’s next transition

This is part two of a three part blog series on Skyscanner’s business, communications and tech. The high-tech global travel company is headquartered in Edinburgh and was founded in a bedroom in Leith (a neighbourhood of Edinburgh) over ten years ago.  Originally posted on Huffington Post UK.
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Flights of Fancy: The journey from bar to boardroom with Skyscanner’s CEO

This is part one of a three part blog series on Skyscanner’s business, communications and tech. Originally posted on Huffington Post UK. Skyscanner was created from co-founder and CEO Gareth Williams’ personal frustration when trying to book French skiing holidays. In the early 2000s, Gareth spent hours scouring airline websites to find cheap flights to visit his brother who was a ski instructor. After a pub brainstorming session with his university friends and Skyscanner co-founders, Bonamy Grimes and Barry Smith, the company was born on beer mats and an Excel spreadsheet.

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Operation Eff You January Blues!

Last January I started a Good Things Jar. This was to acknowledge the lovely, sweet moments in the year that tend to be overshadowed by the overwhelming moments.

The third Monday in January, which happens to be today, is considered the most depressing day of the year in the UK. Read More

How One CEO Launched a Successful App company with £8 and no code

(First published on Huffington Post UK) – I haven’t seen Cally Russell in four years and in that time he’s founded two startups. This Edinburgh-based entrepreneur is the founder of the award-winning company Mallzee, which developed the Mallzee app. Mallzee recently placed in the top 100 US lifestyle apps and is billed as the “Tinder of Shopping”. Mallzee isn’t the first startup Cally has headed Read More

The vote I would have cast if I could vote

With 97% of the adult population of Scotland (aged 16+) registered to vote, today is certainly a historic day for the country. Today’s the day where after months and years of debating and researching, people will decide to vote based on that conviction deep in their gut. Read More

Scottish & British views on independence. Part 3: Undecided

It’s less than two days until Scotland makes a huge decision – to stay as part of the United Kingdom or to become an independent country. The debates among families, friends and politicians are heating up and the uncertainty is palpable.

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Can cupcakes predict whether Scotland votes for independence?

Scotland faces a massive decision that it has never faced before.

On the 18th September 2014, all United Kingdom, European Union and Commonwealth nationales (aged 16+) living in Scotland will vote whether Scotland should be its own country and break away from the United Kingdom (which includes: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Read More

Royal style at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Summer has finally hit Edinburgh. In fact, a heat wave has hit the UK and this time the warmth decided to travel up north to those of us who very much appreciate the vitamin D boost. Thank you sun. Much love – ghost girl xx

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