How we greeted the Monkey in Moscow (Rushin’ to a Russian New Year Pt 2)

Season’s Greetings dear friends, long-time readers and first-time callers! I hope all of you who do the Christmas thing have had a wonderful time and those of you who do the Boxing Day sales have made it out alive – with a truck full of bargains and all of your own limbs intact. Read More


Rushin’ to a Russian end of year

As the days rush by faster and faster to the end of the year I’m finding myself desperately trying to finish off all unfinished business and tie up any loose ends. I’ve always said it’s a Russian thing as I’ve madly summarized my years in the past but many cultures regard the new year as a new start and its logical that we must first finish and leave behind the current year. Back in September, I shared with everyone my Aussie festive season experience past. Then I shared with you my 12 Pubs of Christmas experience of Edinburgh. As promised, this is time to talk about the Russian festivities. Read More

Summer is coming: A sampler of the warmer months in Melbourne

As I sit and write this “hot off the press” post for your enjoyment, I obsessively check the temperature. This is a bit of a personal hobby of mine that I picked up from my bestie. She adopted it while living in a foreign climate for a semester of her uni. I guess being Moscow born and Melbourne raised, it’s a logical step for me to develop a fondness for temperature watching. Or maybe I just need to get out more. In any case, the Melbourne Observations page of the Bureau of Meteorology website is one of my favorite tabs on any computer I occupy. Read More

Time travel, art school and being a more awesome you

As I seem to frequently start with, I have to confess that this week has been incredibly busy! I know I say this in most posts but I’m a busy lady and I love the girl boss and art hustler life I’ve created for myself. From a pretty early point in my working life, I have realised that I’m really good at organising and coordinating multiple timelines at once. I often attributed these skills to my time at art school, which you don’t often hear. For me, art school was about a lot of discoveries but in particular, realising that no one is ever going to pay me money to just make my art. This meant that I had to be resourceful and organised because if I wanted to spend my time making art, that meant that the rest of my life had to run like clockwork and I had to be as switched on as a Swiss Army knife. Read More

When I’m in Melbourne I…

I’m writing this on the first Tuesday in October. In just a few hours from the time I write this, another one of my friends is leaving Melbourne. This is a friend who was in Melbourne on the same kind of visa that I was on in Edinburgh. Now her time has run out and she flies away tonight. Seeing this scenario over and over does not make it any easier. Read More

Day off work because the Footy is on tomorrow!

Melbourne is fantastic at public holidays. This statement is as true as it is fabulous. Let’s take this Friday, 30 September for example, its Grand Final Eve! Literally it is the eve of the grand final and apparently this warrants a day off. The game in question is the AFL or the Australian Football League in full, and I seriously had to just Google that for clarity. For those keen to learn about the specifics of this game, I suggest starting your further reading at the Wikipedia page and following on to the official page as I sure ain’t no expert. Read More

12 Pubs of Christmas: The Edinburgh Users Guide

Recently, I began my Christmas rant by explaining that I personally came to learn about the holiday as an obligation-free adult living in Australia. Because of the way Christmas came into my life, it has always been about fun, good times, friends and drinking. I realise this isn’t everyone’s experience of Christmas, hence the disclaimer and for those not keeping up, please read the first part here. Read More

Something, something about Christmas. What?! Already?

I don’t even know how to start this post. It’s not that words have escaped me, but that there are just too many glorious segways! So I’ll just cut to the chase – CHRISTMAS! It’s everywhere, am I right?

I’m sure it makes sense in the northern hemisphere (where Christmas is a thing) like Edinburgh. As there the nights are starting to get longer and the days are getting colder. To some people it might even make sense in the most southern ends of the southern hemisphere. But in Melbourne, Read More

Dear Edinburgh, I still miss you. – Love, Me

Yesterday morning was a really gorgeous time in Melbourne. The sun was out, the trees were starting to do their spring thing and I got to work at a nice early hour. A time that is not inhumanely early but that is just early enough to miss the chaos of the morning peak hour. Those first few days of spring when the light seems brighter, the air tastes sweeter and there is an easy-go-lucky spring in my step are just so fabulous. I think we all notice those times of change in our own ways. Read More