Travel cheap to Koh Lanta, Thailand

While Elizaveta and the southern hemisphere is currently rocking out to the warm weather, us northerners aren’t so lucky. The days are cold and dark (Edinburgh’s sun set around 3:30 pm in December though it is slowly getting lighter later! My skin though is so freakin’ white I’m just vapours, which really just blends into the atmospheric Edinburgh fog) and if you’re like me, you may be craving some winter sun after the busy holidays. Of course January can be the most skint month of the year – but if you plan carefully – you can take advantage of all the great flight deals that are offered at the beginning of the year. Now that is a resolution I can get behind! Read More


Oktoberfest in New Mexico

This is part 2 of HB’s long weekend roadtrip to New Mexico. Read her first post where she went hiking around Taos, New Mexico.

We first learned of the weekend’s Oktoberfest celebrations when we parked at a Bavarian restaurant in order to reach the trailhead for our moonlight hike. The owner of the inn invited us to come back in the morning for the festivities while the staff fed us soup and pretzels, despite having closed the kitchen, when they learned that we had just arrived after driving so long only to find that the hike was cancelled. Read More

Hiking in New Mexico

Remember when the music brought us all together to stand inside the rain? – Harry Chapin

Ever felt like you need to get out of dodge and just hit the road? Has that feeling ever hit you just as your birthday comes around AND it happens to be Oktoberfest?

There’s only so much concrete, heat and flatness that a soul can take. Knowing this, my husband planned a getaway for us to Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico. If you ever find yourself in need of road trip, here’s a recap of how we spent our weekend there during the off season. Read More

24 hours in London’s East End

London is such a huge hub for international flights so whether London is your destination or you’re headed elsewhere in Europe or the world, it’s worth spending at least 24 hours enjoying London’s eclectic vibes. Read More

Top 5 places to visit in Nairobi (Kenya)

Two weeks into my new job, I was asked how I felt about travelling to Nairobi in a week’s time for work. I’m not going to lie – I had a mixture of excitement and nerves. I’d be travelling alone and the American passport can create amazing travel opportunities but also alienate other travel possibilities depending on the Americana politics du jour.

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Travel tips for Kenya

It’s been a very busy autumn with a combination of good news and bad news. As life has a knack for doing, it gave with one hand: travelling opportunities, spending time with my best friend and starting a new job but took with the other a close friend’s wonderful grandma passed away and his family’s health was quite poorly throughout October and November. Read More